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    Welcome to the Mile High Buick Club Forum. The purpose of this forum is to allow the free communication of Buick owners, and enthusiasts. Please not that we will monitor this forum to assure a pleasant and enjoyable experience for everyone.

    This forum is to be used for the Buick and Buick related posts only. Treat other members as you would wish to be treated. Posts with unacceptable language, or morally unacceptable content will not be allowed or tolerated. You may connect with other members for the purpose of commerce, but no unsolicited sales contact is allowed. Commercial sales posts are not allowed and will not be authorized to post.

    As Buick owners we know that the best way to procure parts and other items related to the ownership of our vehicles is by connecting with other owners and enthusiasts. Although we will allow members to connect for this purpose, the Mile High Buick Club does not endorse or confirm anyone on this forum for the purpose of sales or any other transaction. Any and all transactions shall be by the agreement of the members entering in to such a transaction, and the Mile High Buick Club shall not be responsible for any grievance, undelivered or misrepresented items, terms, etc.

    Entering into any agreement or transaction shall be at each members discretion. The member assumes complete responsibility for any agreement or transaction and will hold the Mile High Buick Club harmless of any liability for said agreement or transaction.

    Let’s be respectful of each other and share our passion of Buick ownership!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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