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Dear Buick Enthusiast: You are invited to come and join the Mile High Chapter of the Buick Club of America, i.e. Mile High Buick Club.

The Mile High Buick Club was established in Denver, Colorado in 1973 and is a strong and welcoming group of Buick enthusiasts. In fact, you don’t even need to own a Buick to fully participate.

After joining this fun and very friendly group, it became apparent to me that the history and interest of the formed sheet metal that is stamped with Buick is just an excuse to be among friends. These people care and are interested in each other. They always have an extended hand to others to invite them to come along and join this local chapter of the Buick Club of America.

Buick Club of America Membership Includes:

  • Monthly issue of “The Buick Bugle” published by the BCA*
  • Advertising privileges in “The Buick Bugle” for Buick-related items
  • Participation in all club events including the National Buick Meet
  • Opportunity to join chapters, regions, and divisions
  • Membership card and one BCA decal (new members only). Membership includes spouse and minor children. Mile High Chapter of the

Buick Club of America Includes:

  • Monthly Chapter Meetings on the second Thursday of the month with interesting content on Buicks and those who own them.
  • Monthly “Porthole” newsletter with local car events, legislative initiatives, Calendar of events and other local news pertaining to the enjoyment of Buicks.
  • Monthly Chapter Breakfast on the last Saturday of the month. This is one of most popular events of the Mile High Buick Club.
  • Annual “All Buick Car Show” is held in September in Lone Tree, CO.
  • Buick cruises to interesting venues occurring several times a year.
  • Annual Christmas Party with members and their families
  • Annual Summer Picnic with members and their families in July/August

*Note: Membership in the BCA is required prior to being a member of Mile High Buick Club We are glad you found the Mile High Buick Club and welcome you to make further inquiry for information that may be helpful in your decision process to join us.

Kirt Priest, President Mile High Chapter of the Buick Club of America


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